preconception care

Preconception Care

Preconception Care is designed to optimise your general health, reproductive health and fertility to promote a healthy, vital conception and flourishing pregnancy.

Did you know it takes 120 days for an egg and 90 days for sperm to reach full maturity?

During this time, your lifestyle, diet, stress and environment can have a critical impact on the development and vitality of eggs or sperm. The Preconception care programme identifies the aspects of your health, nutrition and lifestyle that are contributing positively to fertility as well as areas that might need some adjustment.

Benefits of preconception care

Preconception care enables you to become confident identifying when you are at your most fertile and treatments stimulate healthy endometrial development and ovulation. The programme also gives you and your partner the opportunity to address other health issues (such as digestive upset, poor sleep, back pain, stress, anxiety and tiredness) that may have previously been neglected.

Preparation ideally begins 8 – 16 weeks before you plan to conceive.

Who benefits from Pre-Conception Care?

Preconception Care is beneficial for anyone planning to start or add to their family.

It is strongly recommended if you:

  • are over 35 years of age
  • have been using the contraceptive pill, mirena or implanon for 3+ years
  • have a history of heavy, painful or very light periods
  • have a history of short, long or irregular menstrual cycles
  • work extended hours or have a highly stressful job
  • are under excessive stress
  • often feel tired, run-down or otherwise unwell
  • often experience poor sleep or insomnia
  • often feel anxious
  • suffer chronic health issues (e.g. poor digestion, allergies, chronic pain, fatigue)
  • are concerned about diet and lifestyle
  • about to undertake Assisted Fertility / IVF treatment.